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The Dime Restaurant and Bar Featuring a casually elegant dining room, the Dime serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at Allentown’s Renaissance Hotel. Menu specialties include handcrafted truffle gnocchi, braised short ribs and salmon. The full-service bar offers an extensive list of wines, craft beers, high-quality cocktails, and gourmet appetizers. Special events include a nontraditional afternoon tea, beer-themed dinners and performances by local musicians. -75.47253 40.60316
Caliburito At Cali Burrito we aim to provide the healthiest, best tasting food possible in a minimum amount of time. Founders Shawn and Nick wanted to bring the Cali vibe to the Lehigh Valley after living in California for 10 years. The idea for the restaurant was born out of numerous surf trips up and down the California coast. -75.51886 40.58199
Brass Rail Restaurant -75.48673 40.55965
Grille 3501 Grille 3501 is a intimate bar in Allentown, known for its wonderful seafood, wonderful desserts and scrumptious scallops. This fine establishment offers excellent wines, decent beer and great cocktails. A unique menu, awesome service and nice ambience. -75.529835315578 40.586905582074
Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse -75.53673 40.64936
Starlite Diner and Lounge Welcome to the online home of the Starlite Diner, where great food is served by a courteous staff. We are a family owned and operated diner serving the Lehigh Valley since 2004. We provide an energetic, yet relaxed atmosphere for your dining pleasure. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to prepare our dishes, and our customers keep coming back because of the great food, generous portions and fast and friendly service. Come join us for your next meal and be assured you won't walk away feeling hungry -75.6142 40.56694
Bay Leaf Restaurant -75.47705 40.60085
Griddle 145 One of a kind stop serving "hit-the-spot" meals. Come in and try one of our unique burgers and we dare you to MONSTER size it. Or try one of our specialty pancakes. Can anyone say Red Velvet Pancakes? Come and try our popular Nutella Fella pancakes. Who can turn down our mouth watering Huevos Rancheros? We use the freshest ingredients, local when possible. Come in and check out our seasonal specials. There is something for everyone. Come in and taste the difference, your soul will thank you for it! :) -75.480716721775 40.620710766756
Henry's Salt of the Sea Henry's Salt of the Sea is a favorite restaurant in Allentown in the center, mentioned often for its excellent fish, excellent seafood and scrumptious food. This local bistro offers great wines, good coffee and fabulous cocktails. Cramped booths and rustic ambience. Very friendly staff. -75.501325981891 40.603324684792
Rodizio Grill Allentown Considered the best dining experience. A phenomenal bar that is popular for its incredibly phenomenal food, fantastic desserts and superb meat. A packed dining area and fun atmosphere. Very friendly staff. -75.485344043242 40.562371508319
Roma Ristorante Roma Ristorante is dedicated to providing some of the finest, freshest Italian dishes in the Lehigh Valley. Tying in old Rome with new Rome, we have created the perfect place to connect with friends or have that intimate dinner for two. -75.438025004197 40.640112146436
Allentown Brew Works | Allentown The coolest atmosphere in the area. Reviews rave about the beautiful sandwiches, excellent desserts and awesome soup. Excellent wines in a friendly vibe. Young waitstaff. -75.474070169765 40.601430235012
Youell's Oyster House Youell's Oyster House is conveniently located one block south of Hamilton Street at the corner of 23rd and Walnut Streets, Youell's Oyster House has been serving the finest seafood since 1905. Specializing in Maryland jumbo lump crabmeat and an entire line of fresh seafood, Youell's offers a casual fine dining experience. Specialties such as soft shell crabs, bouillabaisse and valencian paella as well as a variety of seasonal fare compliment our extensive menu. Freshly shucked shellfish is available all year 'round. We have a large selection of cocktails (including expertly prepared martinis and mojitos) and wines by the bottle and glass, as well as craft beers and premise made desserts. Call for reservations or stop by our bar during happy hour to enjoy a complimentary order of oysters or clams on the half shell. -75.50279 40.59215
4 Aces Grill -75.48415 40.59912
A1 Japanese Steak House -75.49262 40.55426
Amazon Cafe -75.49731 40.61469
Amazon Cafe -75.49262 40.55426
Auntie Anne's Pretzels -75.5812302 40.5530853
Bada Bing -75.49745 40.59998
Bellissimo Ristorante Italy is a county rich in food, wine and culture. Italians have a passion for sharing genuine hospitality with family and friends. As part of our commitment to bringing this experience home to you, we have established bellissimo ristorante in Allentown to bring you Italy's flavorful, robust cooking styles, delicious wine and Italian generosity. In the warm months we welcome our guest to enjoy the unique dining experience of an outdoor Tuscan patio ideal for any occasion. -75.48791 40.60891
Big Woodys Pizza -75.44396 40.61602
Blimpie -75.50156 40.60551
Boston Market THE BEST FOOD COMES FROM THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS, SO... It all starts on the farm, where we use only all-natural chicken fed a diet of only the highest quality grains, vitamins and minerals. Our chicken is delivered fresh and is never frozen. We inspect every chicken and only select Grade A. Then we choose the perfect size. Too big is too tough. Too small is not enough. Just right is delicious. Then we roast it slowly in a rotisserie oven, to seal in all those natural flavors and juices. Finally we serve it fresh from the oven. Our rotisseries are always spinning. Then, and only then, do we have Chicken At Its Best. -75.51464 40.57973
Brookside Cafe -75.62341 40.58441
Bull and Bear -75.45189 40.62142
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